Hoffmann The Tin

Metal Tins


200 million tins per year

ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Global Standard 5.0
PSO ISO 12647-7


Neopac The Tube

Polyfoil® and PE Tubes


550 million tubes per year

ISO 9001
ISO 15378
ISO 14001


Neopac Hungary Ltd.

PE, COEX and Polyfoil® Tubes


250 million tubes per year

ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Global Standard 5.0
ISO 14001


3D Neopac

PE and COEX Tubes


150 million tubes per year

ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Global Standard 5.0



  • Mark Aegler

  • Michael Aringhoff

    Head of Sales & Marketing Cosmetics
  • Martina Christiansen

    Head of Sales & Marketing Pharma
  • Andreas Geiger

    Head of R&D / Innovation
  • Tomas Pivko

    Head of Sales Tins
  • Stefan Pulfer

  • Danielle Stöckli

    Head of Human Resources
  • Michael Wagner

  • Franziska Eicher

    Executive Assistant

Our Vision

We create added value for our customers with our packaging. The foundation for our company’s success is innovation. We want the prominent position of our metal tins and Polyfoil® and plastic tubes to expand into the European, the U.S. and other markets. We therefore set trends and develop new products with optimum functionality and distinct design.

Our Values

Hoffmann Neopac stands for openness and respect not only within the company itself, but also with our business partners. We act independently and promote the courage to explore new horizons.


  • inspire our customers with unique products and services
  • win our customers over with innovative solutions
  • are honest and maintain a respectful approach
  • act according to clear and measurable objectives
  • work independently and across different areas of expertise
  • are open to new ideas and put improvements into practice


We take our responsibility as a company very seriously and protect what is precious!

The manufacture of our products is linked to high costs and emissions. We look to save natural resources by optimizing our supply chain, manufacturing processes and the lifecycle of our packaging.

Our Resources:
People with knowledge and dedication are the most important resource for our family business. Our foundation lies in a sound capital structure. We plan investments carefully, pursue a sustainable business development strategy, and thus secure the business’ future.


Hoffmann 1890 Hoffmann - Founded by Eduard Johann Hoffmann
Hoffmann 1904 Hoffmann - Manufacture of metal packaging begins in Thun
Neopac 1906 Neopac - AG Union founded in Oberdiessbach (tin factory at that time)
Hoffmann 1915 Hoffmann - Sole proprietorship becomes collective proprietorship
E.J. Hoffmann & Sons, metal packaging and cardboard factory
Hoffmann 1934 Hoffmann - Hoffmann acquires AG Union
Neopac 1954 Neopac - Neopac is founded and begins production of plastic tubes
Hoffmann 1956 Hoffmann - Hoffmann Bros. AG created from collective proprietorship
Hoffmann 1963 Hoffmann - New 70,000 m2 premises on an industrial site in Gwatt, Thun, is acquired
Neopac 1965 Neopac - Invention of Polyfoil® tube
Neopac 1968 Neopac - Patent submitted to produce Polyfoil® tubes
Neopac 1979 Neopac - International trademark registered for Polyfoil®
Neopac 1982 Neopac - Merger of AG Union and Neopac, focus on tube production
Neopac 1992 Neopac - International trademark registered for Ecotube®
Hoffmann 1995 Hoffmann - International trademark registered for powder-coated Klipp-Klapp® tins
Neopac 1996 Neopac - TU-Plast founded in Debrecen, Hungary
Neopac 1998 Neopac - Hoffmann and Neopac merged into Hoffmann Neopac AG
Hoffmann 2002 Hoffmann - Introduction of UV printing technology and first 6-color printing line
Neopac 2003 Neopac - First pharmaceutical tube line in the clean room manufactures the smallest Polyfoil® tube with a diameter of 10mm
Neopac 2004 Neopac - Launch of the rectal nozzle tube for Japan with zero-tolerance for errors
Hoffmann 2004 Hoffmann - Line 10 introduced with a production capacity of up to 200 tins per minute
Neopac 2005 Neopac - Acquisition of TU-Plast
Hoffmann 2007 Hoffmann - A second UV-6-color printing line with varnishing station is introduced
Neopac 2007 Neopac - Expansion of production capacity in the clean room
Hoffmann 2008 Hoffmann - Takeover of tin production for Nestlé baby food
Neopac 2009 Neopac - Safer, more convenient tube applicators are launched
Neopac 2011 Neopac - New staff restaurant "Bistro Neopac"
Neopac 2012 Neopac - Introduction of the Fleximed® tube for the medical industry, new office buildings constructed according to Minergie standards
Hoffmann 2012 Hoffmann - Acquisition of production equipment and tobacco tins business, CM Packaging, the Netherlands
Neopac 2015 Neopac - Expansion of production capacity in Hungary and completion of the medical clean room for stability samples in Oberdiessbach
Hoffmann 2016 Hoffmann - Project "Hoffmatte": Architectural competition for the development of unused land area in Thun
Neopac 2017 Neopac - TU-Plast Ltd. changes name into Neopac Hungary Ltd.
Majority stake in 3D Technopack Pvt. Ltd., India. | 3D Neopac
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