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  • Neopac Awards Canesten Voltaren Steridrop 1200X628 12. Sep 2019

    Neopac Wins Three Prestigious Healthcare Sector Packaging Awards

    Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, recently received three high-profile awards for tube solutions in the healthcare sector.


  • Neopac The Tube D3 Piccolo 11. Jun 2019

    Neopac Develops Polyfoil® Dropper Tube Solution for Streuli Vitamin D Application

    Partnership yields direct, precise dosing of Vitamin D for children and infants.


  • Hoffmann The Tin Svi Insmoke 23. May 2019

    Neopac Recognized in Two Competitions Highlighting Sustainable and Innovative Packaging Solutions

    At LuxePack NY and Swiss Packaging Awards, Company Nominated for Distinctions in Sustainability and Design.


  • 190516 Grand Opening Wilson 2019 Ribbon Cutting 17. May 2019

    Neopac Opens First U.S. Facility

    Opening of Wilson, N.C. Facility Provides VIP Guests with Demo of the High-Speed Tube Production Line and Speeches


  • 2019 Neopac Us Wilson Tubes 08. May 2019

    Neopac Joins Tube Council of North America with Opening of First U.S. Manufacturing Facility

    Membership as Neopac US Inc. solidifies company’s role as leading tube manufacturer on global stage, offers networking & promotional opportunities for continued growth.


  • Smart Green Island Makeathon 2019 Team 22. Feb 2019

    Neopac Participates in Smart Green Island Makeathon Youth Education Challenge

    Company to support efforts for digitized and sustainable future while encouraging education endeavors.


  • Photo Bamse PICEA™ Wood Tube PCD Award 2019 01. Feb 2019

    Neopac’s PICEA™ Tube for Bamse Brand honored for Sustainability at PCD Paris

    Derived from spruce wood waste, PICEA™ Tube exemplifies company’s EcoDesign portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions.


  • Rendering Recycled Tube 15. Jan 2019

    At PCD Paris, Neopac to Introduce Latest Product in EcoDesign Portfolio

    New Recycled Plastic Tube Joins Existing Portfolio of Sustainable Packaging Solutions.


  • Hoffmann The Tin Cr Tin Mini Group 1200 25. Oct 2018

    Child-Resistant Tins and Tubes for Safe Packaging

    Recyclable solution ensures product quality and regulatory compliance; Tubes for cannabis creams, oils & liquids also available.


  • Neopac The Tube SteriDrop™ 02. Oct 2018

    SteriDrop™ tubes for Preservative-free Eyedrops

    The SteriDrop™ tube provides exemplary protection and delivery of preservative-free eyedrops.


  • Overview Nutraceutical 17. May 2018

    Freshly and securely packed food supplements

    Hoffmann Neopac already offers suitable packaging and supplements the product range with child-safe tins and dropper tubes.


  • News Map Lamm Road 10. Apr 2018

    Neopac Chooses Wilson for New North American Headquarters and First US Plant

    Neopac US, Inc., a global manufacturer of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, chose Wilson, N.C. for its first U.S. manufacturing plant and new North American headquarters, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. The company will build a new high-tech facility for high barrier Polyfoil® tube production at the Wilson Corporate Park and will work with the local government and education system to train new employees.


  • Keisha_Broadway 01. Mar 2018

    Keisha Broadway - new Sales Manager Cosmetics USA

    Hoffmann Neopac AG, a leading supplier of tube packaging to the worldwide pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries based in Switzerland, has named a new Sales Manager Cosmetics for the North American Market.


  • Nl_Newsletter_Couvert_Breit 11. Jan 2018

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  • Img_20171026_173447_Zugeschnitten_Web 26. Oct 2017

    Neopac takes a majority stake in 3D Technopack

    Hoffmann Neopac AG, a leading supplier of tube packaging to the worldwide pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries based in Switzerland, has taken a majority stake in 3D Technopack Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, India. This investment strengthens the company's international market presence and expands its expertise in tube manufacturing.


  • Neopac_Hungary 27. Jun 2017

    Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd. is now called Neopac Hungary Ltd.

    The Hungarian subsidiary of the tube and tin manufacturer Hoffmann Neopac AG, Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd., will be known as Neopac Hungary Ltd. from 1 July 2017 onwards.


  • News_Beidersdorf_Pflasterbox 15. Nov 2016

    Hoffmann Neopac gewinnt Silber am «Can of the Year» Award

    Die Beiersdorf Hansaplast Pflasterbox aus dem Hause Hoffmann Neopac hat am Mittwoch, 2. November 2016 Silber gewonnen.


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