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Paper X Sealing IWK Web 07. March 2024

Neopac's PaperX: Pioneering Fiber-Based Tubes Proven Excellent Sealability on IWK Equipment

Neopac's PaperX: Pioneering Fiber-Based Tubes Proven Excellent Sealability on IWK Equipment

Hoffmann Neopac AG has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in sustainable packaging with its PaperX Tube series. This innovation overcomes the significant challenge of sealability that has long been an issue with first-generation fiber-based tubes. The PaperX Tubes, designed for personal care and cosmetic products, now come with innovative low-profile caps made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), available with tamper-evident feature. This enhancement demonstrates Neopac's commitment to reducing plastic use and carbon footprint, while setting a new standard in the packaging industry for efficiency and sustainability.

Innovative Design Reducing Carbon Footprint and Enhanced Fiber Touch

The PaperX Tube series utilizes a thin-walled, 300 micron fiber-based laminate with an impressive 80% paper content, which soft paper texture can be felt by consumers in use of the product. This design significantly cuts down the use of plastic materials, leading to a substantial reduction in the overall carbon footprint. With 46% less plastic than conventional tubes, resulting in a 24% decrease in CO2 emissions, these tubes are ideal for brands focusing on organic and natural products, aligning with rising consumer demand for environmentally responsible packaging.

Overcoming Sealability Challenges

Historically, achieving satisfactory sealability with first generation fiber-based tubes on the market required specialized equipment and expertise. However, Neopac's PaperX Tubes have successfully overcome these limitations. Designed with a unique fiber-based laminate, these tubes represent Neopac's innovative approach to sustainable packaging.

Collaboration with IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH

A key aspect of the PaperX Tubes' success is the collaboration with IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH, known for its exacting standards and innovative solutions in packaging technology. The sealability of the PaperX Tubes was rigorously tested on IWK's standard tube filling and sealing equipment in October 2023, marking a significant achievement and validation of Neopac's breakthrough.

IWK is considered a pioneer in mechanical engineering and was the first company to invent a packaging system for filling and sealing tubes in 1893. This spirit of innovation forms the DNA of the company, which today is known as a guarantor of quality in tube filling and cartoning systems. With energy-efficient technology, digital services and a modern packaging laboratory, it contributes to the conservation of resources. For the sealability tests on Neopac's fiber-based tubes, the IWK packaging experts used the IWK FP 46-1 tube filling platform in the Packaging Competence Center PAC2.

Impressive Test Results with IWK FP 46-1

The tests, conducted using the IWK FP 46-1 test machine, focused on tubes with diameters of Ø50 and Ø35 mm. A critical aspect of these trials was the use of water-cooled external centering devices equipped with Ø35mm and Ø50mm hole punches. The results were nothing short of impressive. Both tube diameters exhibited excellent weldability when a water-cooled external centering device and a perforated mushroom were employed. The PaperX tube showed commendable welding results within the temperature range of 250°C to 300°C. Specifically, the 50 mm tube was welded at 80 cycles, while the 35 mm tube was tested at 80/100/120 cycles.

Burst Pressure Achievements and Internal Pressure Testing

A set temperature of 275°C was found to be optimal for welding the PaperX Tubes. These tubes achieved burst pressures ranging from 1.5 to 2.1 bar. Further, using the IWK internal pressure tester, the 35 mm tubes could sustain a test pressure of 1.5 bar for a full 20 seconds. The Jacomex test device from Neopac yielded even more impressive results, with Ø50 mm tubes withstanding a maximum pressure of 4.2 bar and the Ø35 mm tubes reaching 3.4 bar on average.

Operational Efficiency and Embossing Possibilities

The operational efficiency of the PaperX Tubes was also demonstrated, with the 35 mm tube functioning flawlessly at 80/100/120 cycles, and the 50 mm tube at 80 cycles. Interestingly, embossing of the PaperX Tube is feasible, as demonstrated at IWK using embossing jaws for metal tubes and an additional pressing station.

Addressing Challenges with Water-Cooled External Centering

A notable challenge addressed during the tests was the potential detachment of PE strips that hold the longitudinal tube seam together, both inside and outside. This issue was mitigated by employing water-cooled external centering, crucial for preventing hot format parts from causing charred residues. The slightly lower welding temperature (275°C) and a suitably sized outer centering diameter were key to the success during these tests.

Conclusion: A Milestone in Fibre-Based Tube Packaging

These test results not only underline Neopac's commitment to innovation and quality but also demonstrate the vast potential of PaperX paper tubes in a wide array of applications. Overcoming the historical challenges of sealability in fiber-based tubes, the PaperX Tubes, with their proven weldability and strength, represent a significant milestone in the evolution of sustainable packaging solutions. Hoffmann Neopac AG's dedication to eco-friendly innovations is evident in the PaperX Tubes' design and performance, aligning with the increasing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. This achievement promises to pave the way for broader adoption of sustainable packaging solutions, showcasing that environmental stewardship and practical functionality can indeed go hand in hand. | Media contact: Cornelia Schmid | | Media contact: Georg Sposny |

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