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Image PF MMB PP Tube 16. November 2021

Polyfoil® MMB Polypropylene Barrier Tube by Neopac approved by RecyClass

RecyClass Press Release 16.11.2021 | RecyClass tested and granted approval for the product developed by Neopac ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF528’ a metallised PP-barrier tube compliant for food, cosmetic, dental and pharmaceutical applications. This product approval reflects the first PP tube/cap combination successfully tested by RecyClass. The analysis was carried out by IKTR, as per the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP containers[1].

‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF528’ product consists of a laminated PP tube that has been tested with its white PP cap on, fully decorated with metallized look and with an artwork representative of the direct printing used in the EU market. Advanced Barrier properties of the tube are ensured by the presence of a metallised MDO barrier technology and EVOH.

According to the laboratory results, the ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF528’ product conforms to the current European PP container recycling stream provided it is used under specific conditions[2]. The tests demonstrated that plastic generated by the recycling process can be now used back in high-end, or even closed-loop applications, as PP blow-moulded bottles with up to 25% of this material. Moreover, the sorting behaviour was assessed by Suez.Circpack® according to the RecyClass Sorting Evaluation Protocol[3], demonstrating that the metallised tube is sortable within the PP rigid stream.

The testing of this product illustrates the effort of the plastic industry in designing high performance PP barrier tubes that are compatible with their dedicated recycling stream. The proliferation of new technologies and products for pharmaceutical packaging in line with the design for recycling principles shows a strong commitment of the value chain actors contributing to increasing the overall recycling targets in the EU and reaching plastics circularity.

[1] Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP containers

[2] For the full conditions please see: product approval letter

[3] RecyClass Sorting Evaluation Protocol

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