The new way of writing skincare

The Stylo™ tube rewrites your product’s success story in a choice of three different applicators: the Stylo™ Liner – meticulous, the Stylo™ Pipette – precise, and the Stylo™ Bristle, which softly strokes the skin. Apply liquid and semi-solid skincare products easily and precisely. The aesthetic ring ensures correct discharge and protects the product. Users intuitively understand how the ring works thanks to the arrow pictogram. The cone-shaped cap protects the applicator. Start a new product story with Stylo™.

Applications for the Stylo™ Liner

  • Anti-aging applications, e. g. wrinkle filler
  • Make-up applications
  • Creams for small blemishes and impurities

Applications for the Stylo™ Pipette

  • Serum for pigmentation and aging spots
  • Anti-aging formulations for eyes, lips and décolleté
  • Serum for hair ends
  • Cuticle serum/oil
  • Brightening tooth gel
  • Dietary supplement
  • Anti-pruritic products

Applications for the Stylo™ Bristle

  • Concealers/lotions
  • Nail care
  • Eyebrow care
  • Acne cream
  • Disinfectant solutions for piercings
  • Scar care
  • Mouth and teeth products
  • Stylo™ Liner Meticulous applications
  • Stylo™ Pipette Precise applications
  • Stylo™ Bristle Soft applications
Stylo™ Liner Meticulous applications
Stylo™ Pipette Precise applications
Stylo™ Bristle Soft applications


Precise application for different viscous products
Easy-to-clean, hygienic applicators
Intuitive ergonomic tubes with «pen» look
Ring, cover and cap can be designed to customer specifications
The ring ensures discharge and product protection


Tube material
Production site Switzerland Polyfoil®
Production site Hungary PE, COEX, Sugarcane
Applicator material
Liner TPE
Pipette PET-G
Bristle MBA™ microbristle applicator – LDPE
Ring PE-HD
Cover PP
Cap PET-G (coloring or metallisation upon request)
Diameter 19 mm
Length 70 – 110 mm
Content 10 – 20 ml
Wall thickness 0.35, 0.5 mm


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